"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)


this & that

  • Baylor girls come & go, but they basically never change.
  • The Zambian government has recovered the $60 billion that a former president stole from the country. This is exciting not only for obvious reasons, but also because my friend C was the person who had to figure out how much he stole (Seriously. It involved driving all over southern Africa to some very sketch places.). It's nice to know that she Made A Difference.
  • Not surprisingly at all, child soldiers are still being recruited in the eastern DR Congo.
  • Someone found Texas in Africa today by googling "people to avoid in East Texas." We are highly amused, and a little afraid.
  • Here's how you know where Bill & Hillary Clinton come from: they don't know how to leave a party when it's over.
  • I am sure glad that The Diplomat is posted somewhere safer than Khartoum these days.
  • You can't make this stuff up.


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