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the campus watch

The person who writes the police blotter at UT has a sense of humor. It's seriously amusing, almost every day they print it. Anyway, today's contains an item that is particularly memorable:


Suspicious Activity: A UT staff member reported approximately 200 people were running around in their underwear. Upon the arrival of the police, the officers observed both men and women running around wearing only their underwear along with a large orange X painted on their bodies. The officers soon learned that the group was collecting clothing donations for local shelters. Donations appeared to be a little skimpy. Occurred on: 5-08-08, at 12:51 AM.

Though not quite as ridiculous, an incident a couple of weeks ago at the Turtle Pond was also pretty amusing:

TURTLE POND, 200 West Inner Campus Dr.

Consumption of Alcohol by a Minor (4 Counts): A UT officer responded to the Turtle Pond on a report of several subjects throwing rocks. During the investigation, the officers learned that one subject had gotten stuck in the middle of the pond and his friends were building a rock bridge so that he could walk out of the pond. As the investigation continued, the officers soon discovered that all four subjects were under the legal age of 21 and had been drinking alcohol because they were bored. All four subjects were issued field release citations for Consumption of Alcohol by a Minor and were also issued referrals to the Dean of Students' Office. Occurred on: 4-13-08, at 12:40 AM.


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