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$15 for the first bag?

And I'm done with American Airlines. Just as soon as I use that voucher from my Kosovo trip nightmare.


Blogger euphrony said...

I fly Continental all the time - of course, living in Houston only 20 minutes from Bush airport, that makes a lot of sense. I honestly have not noticed any significant changes in service on the flights. Sure, they are more crowded, and more people means it takes the flight attendants longer to get you your bag of nuts and tasty beverage. I have flown regularly since before 9/11 and have not noticed many changes besides that. But they've not pulled the same stuff that AA has - charging for the first bag, etc.

Ticket prices go up and down, and for a while they had been extremely low. I think a lot of people got spoiled by the cheap tickets (that drove the airlines into bankruptcy) and want the service in-flight to be like at a restaurant (where they can be rude and still get prompt service). People need to look at the airlines a little more like riding the bus and get past the expectations they had from 10 or 20 years ago. And the airlines need to quit being dodgy about promising more than they want to provide.

AA should also take a look at what a number of other airlines are doing to cut fuel costs. I read that Northwest (for example) is slowing down it's flight speeds, adding about a minute per every hour in the air. What used to be a 4-hour flight from LAX to Hawaii is now 4 hours, 4 minutes (not something the passenger will really notice); but slowing down that little bit is saving them $600,000 annually on that route alone (even factoring in the added work time of flight crew). Do that across the board and you're talking about real savings.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008 11:22:00 AM


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