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Questions students asked during and after class today:
  1. What are your personal views on the abortion issue?
  2. Is Hooters a discriminatory employer because it would be harder for a man to successfully work there than for a woman?
  3. Do transsexual individuals have the right to marry?

Oh, the day we talk about privacy rights and gender discrimination is SO much fun for the teacher. But these questions do indicate that some of them were actually paying attention and thinking about the issues. Here are my answers:

  1. I don't discuss my political views with students.
  2. I'll have to ask a lawyer.
  3. In Texas, yes, but the law considers your gender to be your gender at birth. So in Texas, if you're a man who used to be a woman, you can only legally marry a man.

Bet you're jealous of my job right now.

UPDATE: It's wonderful to have the CPP as a close friend for many, many reasons. One of them includes the fact that she is an expert in civil rights law. She informs me that there was actually a case over the Hooters question, and that, since Hooters is not (ahem!) a club of ill repute, but rather a family restaurant, they had to settle with men who'd sued and they have to hire men as "Hooter's helpers."

So there you go.


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