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the greatest silence

Tonight at 10EST/9 central, HBO is airing The Greatest Silence, a new documentary about women and girls who are victims of rape in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. The Washington Post has an excellent review of the film this morning. If you don't have HBO, I'm hosting a screening for the Enough Project, which sent a DVD of the film, tonight at my place at 7.

I know my friends and blog readers are sick of hearing about this tragedy, and that the images of suffering are almost more than anyone can bear to see after awhile.

But this is reality. I know so many of these women. They have to live with these stigmas that make us uncomfortable every single day of their lives. They have to learn to love the babies that were conceived as a result of rape.

And, as filmmaker Lisa Jackson told Congress in a hearing last week, "...everyone ... should consider the fact that there is the blood of Congolese women on their laptop computers and on their cellphones."

Please hear these stories tonight if you get the chance.

For ways to help these victims, check out this article I wrote for Ethics Daily awhile back.


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no HBO. but if you write this up for I2A, I'll make sure it gets posted today.

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