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the future is now

Saw this while waiting for my breakfast taco at TacoDeli yesterday. Laughed so hard I almost cried.

"Southwest Airlines Now Taking Passengers To Destinations By Shuttle Bus"
The Onion, America's Finest News Source
April 14, 2008

"DALLAS—In what the company is calling a 'bold new leap' in comfort, convenience and overall quality of travel, Southwest Airlines announced Monday that it would be replacing its entire fleet of passenger jets and planes with daily shuttle buses.

"The shuttle buses, which will depart from airport runways to over 200 destinations nationwide, represent a major breakthrough in commercial aviation.

"'The future is now,' announced Southwest CEO Gary Kelly, gesturing to a 30-foot bus painted in the company's signature red, yellow, and blue. 'With these amazing new buses, traveling from New York to Los Angeles takes as little as three days. That's less than half the time it took passengers to get there on our old planes.'"


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