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fun, fun, fun

So, somewhere between 3-5,000 political scientists locked in a hotel in downtown Chicago to confer is pretty much what you'd expect. Lots of social awkwardness and long silences. But also fun times of seeing old friends who've since graduated and moved on, and connecting with other people who study stuff like you study. And for kicks, they hold it at the Palmer House Hilton, which was, of course, one of the sites of the ill-fated 1968 Democratic National Convention. 'Cause political scientists like the joke. Yeah.


Blogger mark said...

see if you can find the clock. we stayed there with drew when he was 1 & 1/2. he was fascinated with clocks and loved to point out a clock at that hotel. it's way up high in the lobby. above some stairs, i think. just something funny for you to look for...

Thursday, April 03, 2008 10:22:00 PM


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