"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)


vacation photos: 2 hours in turkey

So, as part of my super-fun reroute through hell after American Airlines unnecessarily cancelled all of its flights out of Dallas, I "got" to take Turkish Airlines from Chicago to Istanbul, and then on to Pristina. I was happy to go anywhere at that point, so why not Turkey? Anyway, I didn't really get to see anything, but I was in the very cool Istanbul airport for just under 2 hours. The first thing I saw was a sign for "delights." In Turkey! And I went to Starbucks, talked to a Turkish employee of Starbucks, and got Turkish dinars as change. It counts!*
The flight out was pretty cool as well. I got to see the Aegean and the Dardanelles. Pretty cool.

(*I'm counting it, but I will definitely go back, if for nothing else than to raft the Euphrates. And, you know, to get a real cultural experience. :)


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