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I had lunch with Michael Barone. Barone writes for U.S. News & World Report and is a frequent contributor on Fox News and author of the biennial Almanac of American Politics. He also knows more about American politics than anyone else alive. Period. He's legendary for knowing ridiculous details about just about every Congressional district and county in America.

Today's lunch was a real treat, especially since I got to sit at Barone's table. He covered an astonishing range of topics, from open field theory to voting patterns in 1932 and 1934 to the demographics of northwest Harris county. He went around the room and had us all say where we were originally from. I told him West Texas, and he asked, "What county?" I said, "Floyd," and he said, "Oh, yes, Floydada. That's up by Hale county."

Michael Barone is from Detroit.

This may not have met your definition of "famous," but here in Geekvegas, it's pretty much the equivalent of dining with Bono. Good times, and a real treat to get to hear a true expert tell us everything there is to know about our country's politics.


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