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texas votes that really matter

Loving County, Texas broke for Obama. Located along the Texas-New Mexico border, Loving County is the least-populous county in the United States. Of the 67 residents of the county (that's by the 2000 census), 22 voted in the Democratic primary. The breakdown was as follows: 5 went for Clinton, 1 for Dodd, 5 for Edwards, 7 for Obama, and 4 for Richardson.

Loving County was notorious in the LBJ area as a place where people regularly voted early and often, or the dead voted. It frequently had more votes placed than there were voters in the county. That era is certainly over, but it makes a good example in American government classes.

Loving County was also the first place in Texas to have a woman as sheriff. Edna Reed Claton Dewees never carried a gun, but she only had to arrest two people during her 1945-47 term.

So there you go.


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