"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)



I had a fantastic last day in Pristina, just a lazy Saturday of coffee on a terrace, Tex-Mex for lunch (Yes, tex-mex. Sortof.), purchasing some awesome t-shirts, and walking around the city. We went over to check out the apartment Steve has just rented, then he wrote lots of postcards for me to take to the states to mail. (Among the other things I'm carrying: a perfect stranger's tax return.) Then I headed to the airport to catch a flight to London, where I spent the night in the wonder that is the Yotel and am now watching the American tour groups embarass themselves (you know what I mean.) and the grey sky, and enjoying the fact that, unlike in the Balkans, you can't smoke everywhere. In a couple of hours, I head back to the states and back to reality.

This was one of my favorite spring break trips ever. Many more stories and pictures to come later this week.


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