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airport hell

I am in the tenth circle of hell. DFW, to be specific.

I was supposed to be well on the way to Raleigh by now, to catch a flight to London, to make a connection to Pristina. But weather intervened, and the day got longer, and we sat on the tarmac after arrival in Dallas for about 45 minutes, and I got rebooked on a direct flight to London that will theoretically leave at 5:05 but I'm not betting on it, and here I am. At least it's Terminal D. Terminal A really was looking like hell.

Who knew that there would be a blizzard the first weekend in March? In Texas. Where it was 70 degrees yesterday.

At least my flight is considered a "priority flight." The FAA official I talked to (it is so fun to meet strangers at the airport!) told me that it has a better chance than most of the flights here, over 200 of which have been cancelled so far. I'm not holding my breath, as the forecast is for up to 6 inches of snow before this ends.

And Mack Brown was on my earlier flight.

I'm expecting to spend the night either in the terminal, or sitting on the tarmac. And I'm pretty sure there aren't many weekend flights to Pristina. Oh, boy.


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