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tremblement de terre bukavu nouvelle update 14.2

Another earthquake hit Bukavu this morning, with an epicenter in Lake Kivu near Idjwi Island. Most of the damage in Bukavu was concentrated this time on the western side of town in the Bagira commune. It was a 5.5 on the Richter scale, and is considered an aftershock of the February 3 quakes by authorities at the volcanic observatory in Goma.

There are 44 injured, at least four of them seriously, and an estimated 4,500 homes were damaged in Bagira alone. Bukavu's residents are sleeping under the stars again tonight, in fear of aftershocks.

Please keep this city in your prayers. Of all the things Bukavu doesn't need, this is it. And, of course, any type of seismic activity makes everyone nervous about the volcanoes in Goma. Sigh.


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