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texas crazy is a special kind of crazy

So the more I learn about Texas Senate candidate Larry Kilgore, the more intrigued I am. He has a blog. On which he has posted this Thanksgiving sermon. The topic of which is Squanto. And in which the pastor manages to reference a Jon Mohr (who was a member of my childhood church) song. And in which the pastor never actually mentions Squanto by name. It is one of the most remarkable things I've ever skimmed.

Plus, Kilgore is endorsed by Pro-Life Richardson. Longtime readers of Texas in Africa will recall my fascination with this former Idaho gubenatorial candidate who not only legally changed his name to "Pro-Life," but who also names all of his children (and there are many), "Pro-Life." In my book, the only thing better would be an endorsement from Byron (Low-Tax) Looper, but apparently he's still in prison.

But I digress. Let's stick to the issues. And, wow, does Kilgore have issues. He apparentely believes (among other things) that:
  • women who have abortions should be executed.
  • we should cut off funding for HIV/AIDS victims overseas, and
  • funding public schools is tantamount to "promot[ing] the tenth plank of the communist manifesto."

But of course, the best part of Larry's campaign is his support for Texas Independence (it's the solution to every problem we have, apparently). The logic as to how this series of events will ensue is really remarkable. Apparently he had the pleasure of attending a seccessionist convention in Chattanooga last fall, and, well, he also thinks Alaska deserves independence. And Vermont. And Hawaii.

My word, I love this country. Both of 'em. Larry has posted his phone number on his website. Who else thinks it would be fun to give him a call? I have some questions about the Squanto thing...


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