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music monday: great love songs

Today's Music Monday theme is great love songs. Much to my total disbelief, Guy Clark's "Magnolia Wind," the love song I think is one of the best ever, is not available as a video on the interwebs. But you can go over here and listen to a sample at Yahoo! Music. I'm just going to let the lyrics speak for themselves:

"I'd rather sleep in a box,
Like a bum on the street,
Than a fine feathered bed,
Without your little ol' cold feet.

I'd rather be deaf,
Dumb and stone blind,
Than to know that your mornings
can never be mine.
I'd rather die young,
Than to live without you.
And I'd rather go hungry,
Than to eat lonesome stew.

You know it's once in a lifetime,
And it won't come again.
It's here and it's gone,
Like a magnolia wind.

I'd rather not walk
through the garden again,
If I can't catch your scent
On a magnolia wind.

If it ever comes time
When it comes time to go,
Sis, pack up your fiddle,
Sis, pack up your bow.
If I can't dance with you,
Then I won't dance at all.
I'll just sit this one out
With my back to the wall.

I'd rather not hear pretty music again,
If I can't catch your fiddle
On a magnolia wind.
If I can't catch your scent
On a magnolia wind.
-Guy Clark


Blogger Kat said...

The sample wouldn't play for me, but it looks like a good song...if you can judge a song by it's lyrics...

Monday, February 25, 2008 9:20:00 PM


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