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This is my least favorite night of the year.

Yes, it's that time again, time for the GA Valentine's Cookie Bake Sale. Our girls decorate hundreds of sugar cookies, then sell them to the Wednesday night crowd to raise money for our missions fund. Throughout the year, the girls choose projects and missionaries to support. Last year we bought an animal for the Heifer Project, purchased school supplies for children in Kenya, and chose a family to buy Christmas presents for through Angel Tree.

I don't dislike the cookie sale because it's a good cause, far from it. It's a great lesson to teach the girls that they can help others by doing something creative and fun.

No, what I hate is the stress. And the hygiene issues.

See, it's gross. They're little girls. They don't always think about things like picking their noses, or touching their hair, or licking their fingers. And sometimes they sneeze all over a tray of completed cookies, or let their hair drag through the icing without realizing it. While we watch carefully to make them go wash their hands when they do those things, there's no way we catch it all.


Anyway, this year went okay. I missed the first half of the cookie decorating because several of us shared about our experiences at the New Baptist Covenant. And when we got in there, B realized that she had made one of her Texas cookies backwards (We are so sick of hearts that we decided to use our Texas cookie cutters this year. B also has an armadillo!). I decorated it thusly:

And the girls raised lots of money for our missions fund. (No one can say "no" to their cuteness.) This means that we will be able to help families all over the world learn about God's love by helping them in practical ways.
But I still don't have to like cookie night.


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