"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)


"trapped in our tranquility"

Those of you with friends in Kenya may find this tidbit from Sam and Melody's latest update useful:

"Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) and Africa Inland Mission (AIM) Air have done a remarkable job evacuating mission personnel from affected regions. Kenya Peace Corps workers from affected regions have been evacuated to Tanzania. A few international organizations have evacuated a few families, however there does not appear to be a move in that direction at the moment. Most tourists are leaving and most who were planning to come have cancelled. This comes at the height of the tourist season which is currently Kenya's main income industry. I expect it will be some time before it recovers."

Sam is giving a homily at their church tomorrow. His reflections on Christian solidarity are definitely worth your time to read. Reading it reminds me of how grateful I am that Sam, an American citizen with an utmost respect for and deep understanding of Kenya's customs and traditions, is the person who introduced me to that country and taught me to be truly present wherever I am. It's a fitting reminder for Epiphany.


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