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much abides

It was Allie who played matchmaker.

She and the CPP were 15 and S.A.M. was 17 and all three of them were on the debate team, and one day Allie told the CPP that she should have dinner with Allie's brother. Ten years to the day later that the CPP finally realized they were dating, they tied the knot in a New Year's Eve service. The Wedding of the Century was beautiful, moving, and over the top in every sense. Those of us in the bridal party enjoyed four days of luncheons, dinners, parties, and after-parties before almost 700 guests showed up for the ceremony and a spectacular New Year's Eve Gala celebration.

And Allie wasn't there.

Her shadow was everywhere, though. In the eyes of her little sister, who, as one of the flower girls, wore Allie's favorite necklace every minute of the weekend. In the smile of her best friend, who stood as a bridesmaid on Allie's behalf. In the flowers that the CPP carried in her honor.

We really, really missed her, but she would've loved every minute of it, because it was full of laughter and friendship and so much fun. And that's who Allie was.

As for me, I couldn't have had more fun. This wedding brought in some of my very best friends from Baylor, and we all enjoyed it as one last big hurrah in Waco. About 11 on Monday night, the band took a break, and as the dance floor cleared and SAM's ipod took over, The Man said to me, "You'll want to sing along for this one," and he and his wife and Skip and I and the CPP and a friend and T and E all laughed and ran out to two-step to our song, the one that Skip used to sing at Scruffy's every Wednesday night, and the one that makes us laugh and laugh even now. It was perfect, as was everything else about the weekend. Laughing and remembering some wonderful years, getting to see one of my dearest friends marry her high school sweetheart, and missing someone who should have been there - these are the things that make our lives together so precious. How lucky are we?


Anonymous CPP said...

This is beautiful. Thank you. More when I get back. Love

Tuesday, January 08, 2008 9:05:00 AM


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