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News from Hope for the Helpless, an American NGO that raises money for for the mission work of my friends C & E in Goma. This woman (her name means "happy") needs our prayers:

"I just got word today that Mama Furaha is being kicked out of her home. It is not because of money, for we have enough money to pay her rent for 2 years. What would make a person kick a renter out with 4 little girls onto the streets with no place to go? I could somewhat understand if she was not paying rent and I needed the money but if she is paying rent what would make me push her to the streets? I cannot imagine how cold someone's heart must be to put a widow and 4 children onto the street. I found out that the landlord does not want her as a renter because she has HIV/AIDS. Mama Furaha's only crime is being a victim of rape and contracting HIV/AIDS from it. Society shuns her because she was raped and now they are isolating her because she has HIV/AIDS."


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