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congo watch

There's a peace conference going on in Goma. It's been a bit of a mess so far; they planned for 300, and the last count I saw had 800 delegates showing up. As Fred points out, there are only 250 or so hotel rooms in Goma that are nice enough to accomodate even the most self-styled delegates.

Anyway, representatives of Nkunda's rebels walked out, and then they came back, and now they're promising to keep fighting, but they also want to talk directly with the government.

None of this is the least bit surprising. And none of it will make a bit of difference. The problems Nkunda and his men are fighting over pre-date the wars, the Rwandan genocide, and the Zairian democratization crisis. Quite simply, until the questions of Tutsi citizenship and land tenure are resolved, fighting will continue in North Kivu. It's breathtakingly simple, and unbelievably complex.


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