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I know my frequent "Congo Watch" posts aren't something most Texas in Africa readers read, and that's okay. I use this site partly as a filing cabinet for my research, so I can go back and find articles without having to print them out. It really doesn't hurt my feelings if you skip these. (Or skip anything. It's just a blog, for goodness sakes.)

But I was reading this story over the weekend, and it broke my heart. And so I'd like to ask that you read it, and remember what women and girls endure, and pray for Dr. Christopher and those who work with him at Heal to help these victims and for Faura and Chaunce, who is ELEVEN MONTHS OLD, and Faura's other kids. Here's a little snippet for those who don't want to click through:

"Sexual violence has escalated as hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to flee the safety of their homes -- around 400,000 people since August, when Nkunda quit a peace deal, bringing North Kivu's displaced population to 800,000.

...Faura Ngabu Noela holds her 11-month-old daughter Chaunce close on her lap.

Villagers found Chaunce covered in grass, dirt and blood after she was raped by a 22-year-old man in her village, Noela said.

'I took her to the local hospital for surgery to repair her torn vagina, but it became infected and I had to bring her to Goma to have another operation and to heal that infection.'

Now Noela says she is eager to go home.

'I just want to return to my other children because with the war, I'm not sure they are safe,' Noela said."


Blogger euphrony said...

Very sad.

I, for one, read your Congo watch posts with interest. But I guess I'm one of the less common people who actually follows these things to some extent anyway. I'm no expert (and thus appreciate your insights) but and interested party.

Monday, January 07, 2008 10:41:00 PM

Blogger Amy said...

i read them, too. well mostly, i don't always click through to articles.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008 12:26:00 AM


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