"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)


"that's the change we seek"


"In the end, the argument we are having between the candidates in the last seven days is not just about the meaning of change. It’s about the meaning of hope. Some of my opponents appear scornful of the word; they think it speaks of naivete, passivity, and wishful thinking.

"But that’s not what hope is. Hope is not blind optimism. It’s not ignoring the enormity of the task before us or the roadblocks that stand in our path. Yes, the lobbyists will fight us. Yes, the Republican attack dogs will go after us in the general election. Yes, the problems of poverty and climate change and failing schools will resist easy repair. I know – I’ve been on the streets, I’ve been in the courts. I’ve watched legislation die because the powerful held sway and good intentions weren’t fortified by political will, and I’ve watched a nation get mislead into war because no one had the judgment or the courage to ask the hard questions before we sent our troops to fight.

"But I also know this. I know that hope has been the guiding force behind the most improbable changes this country has ever made. In the face of tyranny, it’s what led a band of colonists to rise up against an Empire. In the face of slavery, it’s what fueled the resistance of the slave and the abolitionist, and what allowed a President to chart a treacherous course to ensure that the nation would not continue half slave and half free. In the face of war and Depression, it’s what led the greatest of generations to free a continent and heal a nation. In the face of oppression, it’s what led young men and women to sit at lunch counters and brave fire hoses and march through the streets of Selma and Montgomery for freedom’s cause. That’s the power of hope – to imagine, and then work for, what had seemed impossible before."

- Barack Obama's final big Iowa speech


Blogger Roger said...

"hope is born when easy optimism dies"...Wm Sloane Coffin...."Hope is always tangible or it is not hope" Reinhold Nieburh...

I just want a chance to vote for him....

Do the unexpected Iowa, New Hampshire, give all of us a chance...

Saturday, December 29, 2007 11:13:00 AM

Anonymous Michael Westmoreland-White said...

I remain torn between Obama and Edwards. I have met both at rallies. Obama's vision is truly inspiring, but he lacks the detailed policy prescriptions to flesh it out. (His healthcare plan is worse than Hillary's--basically the approach Nixon tried in the '70s! Kucinich has the best healthcare plan, followed closely by Edwards whom I hope will adopt more of Kucinich's if elected.) And his recent attempt to blame Hillary for Bhutto's assassination was weird and showed a strange lack of judgement--and from someone who wants to end the nastiness in politics, too!

Edwards is a fighter and I think we need a fighter. The powerful do not give up unjust power on request. He hasn't declared "class war"--class war was declared when Reagan won in 1980. It's time we started fighting back--the ultra rich are killing not just the poor, but all the rest of us.

But we also need a healer. I hope we end up with some version of an Obama/Edwards or Edwards/Obama ticket.

Saturday, December 29, 2007 1:13:00 PM


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