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seriously disappointing

So, as per usual, I am in Franklin for the holidays. It's great to be with my family and see old friends (and I even ran into my high school French teacher today and got to say "merci" for teaching a skill I use daily), but my trip thus far has been seriously disappointing in one respect: after a full 48 hours, there has yet to be a single story on the 10 o'clock news about Animal Control raiding a trailer in which a woman is keeping 97 cats, or a ferocious meerkat, or a team of sled dogs that threaten the health and safety of the neighborhood's children.

This does not happen in Austin, and I count on my trips to Nashville to get my semi-annual dose of redneck sensationalism. But, as my mother said when I mentioned this earlier, "just wait." It'll happen. And, anyway, there was a story tonight about a family who goes out in the yard on Christmas Eve and throws around flaming balls that have soaked in kerosene for two days.


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