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Please say a prayer today for my friend A's father, who is a prominent Pakistani politician and lawyer. As part of Pakistani President Musharraf's suspension of the constitution, he is one of about 500 people who've been arrested by the military. He has not been permitted visitors or outside contacts. As you can imagine A and his family are quite concerned. Please keep them in your prayers.


Anonymous Michael Westmoreland-White said...

I will keep your friend in prayer.
Musharreff is justifying this state of emergency as necessary to fighting religious terrorists--but no Taliban or al-Qaeda folk in Pakistan have been arrested, nor any more extremist mosques and schools closed. No, the only people being arrested are opposition politicians, lawyers, journalists, and human rights activists! How does that do anything other than encourage extremism?

On the other hand, Bush's attempts to rein in Musharref are laughable. Can you imagine eavesdropping on the phone call?

W: You've got stop these human rights violation, Pervez!

Musharreff: But I haven't even waterboarded anyone yet after watching videos of how it is done!

W: What's this about closing your supreme court/

Musharreff: Well, you used your Supreme Court to ensure your rigged election in 2000. I had to close mine in order to ensure my rigged reelection.

W: Hold elections on schedule, pal!

Musharreff: I will--if you send me those Diebold e-voting machines that give the "correct answer" no matter what one puts in.

And so it goes. Now we hear that Musharreff has been contacting Democratic leaders on the Hill, too. Doubtless that was to remind them that they will have a hard time criticizing him while (a) passing the Military Commissions Act and suspending Habeas Corpus, (b)approving warrentless wiretapping, and (c) confirming Mukasey as AG.

We have no credibility in the world left at all.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007 1:42:00 PM


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