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weekend update

We here at Texas in Africa are very much looking forward to a fall weekend full of some of our favorite things: camping, watching football, live music, and books! For a heads up on this weekend's Fun! Fun! Fun! Fest at Waterloo Park, we turn to Texas in Africa's occasional contributing editor The Attorney for a Japanese-inspired musical update:

This weekend, November 3-4, is the FUN FUN FUN FEST AT WATERLOO PARK. It's obviously going to be FUN FUN FUN, because it even says so in the name. This music festival will be smaller than ACL, if for no other reason than it's in a smaller park, and they have a great lineup scheduled. It would take me too long to write my normal descriptions of each band. So instead, I am going to describe some of the bands that I am most excited about seeing this weekend in haiku.*

Saturday, Nov. 3, 2007

"Okkervil River"

Why do these songs
Have so many words?
Sing quickly and tunefully, Will.

"Of Montreal"

Of Athens, Georgia,
Really, and the
Lead singer in a dress or naked maybe.

"The New Pornographers"

Canadian supergroup with
Neko Case too. Take
That Broken Social Scene.

[Editors note: my blog so just got filtered by some of your internet service providers. It's just a name. Their music isn't dirty.]

"Explosions in the Sky"

Ambient noodling from Austin.
Friday Night Lights soundtrack.
They know David Morley.

(P.S. They're almost as good as the Hydmen.)

"Girl Talk"

Is not a girl, and he
Doesn't talk that much. He's more
Of a "mash-up" DJ and also a biochemist.


Sunday, Nov. 4, 2007

"Mates of State"

Husband/wife duo from Kansas.
Drums and keyboard. Catchy tunes.
See their AT&T commercial.

"Ted Leo and the Pharmacists"

Punk rock for English majors.
Righteous political rage. Leo
Plays with such fervor often injured onstage.

"Cat Power and Dirty Delta Blues"

New backup band
But same old crazy.
Q: Will she make it to the end of the set?

* I don't really know what a haiku is.

Thanks, the Attorney!


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