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last night in live music: the pipettes

I've reviewed the Pipettes here before, and, well, there's not much else to say about their live show. The Pipettes are three Brits who sing and dance like a 60's girl group, but their songs are all about how liberated they are as women. It's a hoot. As one member of our group put it, it's as though the Supremes were listening to the Smths. Or something like that.

The Pipettes played their entire repetoire at the Parish last night, and a great time was had by all. We dressed up cute (how jealous are we all that the Mommy of Twins has an adorable polka-dot dress), danced, and sang along. Oh, and opening act Nicole Atkins was really good. The Librarian and I predicted the encore on the basis of the fact that those were the only two songs they hadn't already done. And we went home far too late with bouncing melodies and sha-la-la-la's in our heads. Perfect.


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