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last night in live music: fun fun fun fest

Well, as the Librarian put it, all the emo kids came out into daylight for Fun Fun Fun Fest. Seriously, we didn't know what to mock: the ridiculously tight black jeans, the men in women's v-neck shirts, or the girls who shouldn't have been wearing leggings/dying their hair multiple colors. The whole day was people-watching at its finest.

Aside from that amusement and the fact that we were definitely in the 99th percentile in terms of age of the fans, I really enjoyed Fun Fun Fun Fest. It's at Waterloo Park, which means it's considerably less crowded than ACL, and the weather couldn't be beat. (Dear ACL: THIS is why it's much better to have your festival at a time of year when people aren't miserably hot.) And, with one exception, the music was rockin' all day long. The crowds were probably into it, but being as they're hipsters who refuse to show emotion about anything, we couldn't always tell. (These are the kids who would never admit to anyone that they actually read Pitchfork.)

As long as you're into either punk or indie rock, you'd probably enjoy Fun Fun Fun Fest. I don't have time to review every band we saw here, but since they were all of the indie rock variety my sister refers to as "skinny boys who all sound the same," you can match the bands to their pictures yourself, along with my brief comments. Good luck!

a. Of Montreal (My favorite act of the day. They're completely insane, tiger heads, dancing sabre girl, and all. Possibly my favorite live cover of all time was their take on "Purple Rain," performed by the lead singer, who was wearing thigh-high blue nylons. He's a man.)
b. White Denim (Very cool Austin band.)
c. The New Pornographers (Great, high-energy set.)
d. Okkervil River (Excellent set. Loved it.)
e. The Evangelicals (Not so much.)
f. Explosions in the Sky (One of my favorite bands.)
g. Final Fantasy (Still stinks. I don't get why people care. We tried to avoid it, but couldn't escape.)









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