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get the pitchfork

Several years back, Texas Monthly ran a cover headline entitled, "Is Jerry Jones the Devil?" My family has a ridiculous number of subscriptions to the magazine, so I mentioned the story when calling home that week. Turns out my mother, who usually lets daddy read their copy first, had ripped open the magazine and torn through the story as soon as she saw the cover. She was pleased with its conclusion ("Yes, and he's ruined the Dallas Cowboys.").

This is because my mother is still angry at Jerry Jones for the way he fired Him Who is the Symbol of All that is Right and Good, Tom Landry. (Those of you Not From Texas should note that Landry passed away nearly 8 years ago.) You can't mention that or how Peyton Manning was robbed of the Heisman because both of them were/are good and honorable men who deserved better treatment. She doesn't get any argument from me on either of those points, but it's best not to mention it.

I was thinking of that old story today and remembering why we all dislike Jerry Jones so much. Even though the cowboys are in much better shape today than they were a few years ago, he's still making life difficult and doing classless, tacky things that seem designed to upset the fan base. Because, of course, the game between the Cowboys and the Green Pay Packers isn't on television, and trying to watch an important game on ESPN's GameCast just isn't cutting it. Jones, you see, wants to make more money off his silly little NFL Network, and he can't cut a deal with Time Warner or Comcast, and so the fans who don't want to spend their Thursday evening in a packed sports bar lose out. I'm not saying he's the devil, but Jones sure isn't giving us any reasons to forgive him for his behavior in the last 18 years.


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