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why, dnc, why?!?

It is simultaneously mind-boggling and totally unsurprising that the Democrats are probably going to nominate Hillary Clinton for the presidency. In an election that should be a perfect storm, when America just can't take any more of George W. Bush and appears to want something very different, I'm reminded that it's impossible to underestimate the ability of the Democratic National Committee to screw things up.

I've been arguing for years that Hillary Clinton is unelectable in middle America, as have most of my left-leaning friends who aren't from the east coast. New York and DC Democrats don't understand how much she is hated in the rest of the country. And by "hated," I mean hated, despised, mistrusted, etc., etc.

As this article points out, the standard argument against my view is that she did fine in upstate New York in her senatorial campaigns. And, as the article also goes on to discuss, some people think this isn't a good argument, because perhaps her support for a presidential run isn't as strong as it was for her senatorial campaign. Also, and more importantly in my opinion, upstate New York Republicans are not like Republicans elsewhere in the country!

This is so obvious! Many New York Republicans would be independents or Democrats if they lived anywhere else in this country. New York politics is a world unto itself.

What is glaringly obvious to those of us "out here in the middle," however, seems to be anathema to the Democratic party establishment. And it's too bad, because they're going to throw away their best chance at regaining power in an era of terrorism.

My students, who come mostly from conservative, Texas families, really don't like George W. Bush anymore. The shift I've seen in Texas classrooms in the last 6 years is remarkable. They are fascinated by Barack Obama, which I never would have predicted. And they grimace every time I mention the possibility of a Hillary Clinton administration.

As do I. I haven't really decided who I like for the presidency yet. At this point, I'm still watching the races as a political scientist (read: as a sport) and trying to get a feel for who would be the best candidate. I want to vote for someone who 1) is a grown-up and can listen to criticism (and, more importantly, will surround him or herself with people who will offer criticism), 2) will attempt to de-politicize so many institutions that the Bush administration has corrupted, and 3) can get past the politics of Vietnam and birth control. Hillary doesn't strike me as the one for that job.


Blogger Michael Westmoreland-White said...

Thing is, Hillary is appealing to non-college Dems, blue collar Dems, in a way that Obama isn't. Given her horrible trade policies, I don't really get that. But I suspect one thing hurting Obama (the only candidate with the money to run against her) is race. Education is a major factor in lessening racism. Also, educated people aren't buying the Right's attempt to tell people that he is a Muslim terrorist (emphasizing his middle name "Hussein," and falsely claiming that he was educated in a Madrassah, etc.).

I'm not saying that there are not educated bigots and blue collar multiculturalists. There are, but Obama's ability to reach those with college educations in all parts of the country--but failing to Hillary with blue collar and pink collar Dems is the story.

Unfortunately, a Hillary vs. Guiliani match-up will be VERY close.

Sunday, October 21, 2007 6:36:00 PM

Anonymous rp said...

I'm w/ you Laura...I have many reason for not wanting her, among them that one more Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton combo is just deadly to this country...what next, Jebs?....I'm a Bill Richardson guy, which ain't gonna happen...I could for Barak, John Edwards, Gore...anybody, but Hilary....and I like lots of things about her...but not now...not now........dang

Sunday, October 21, 2007 7:27:00 PM

Blogger texasinafrica said...

Michael, you're absolutely right. R, exactly. I want anything other than what we've got, but I don't think I can bring myself to vote for Hillary. And if they've lost someone like me and appear to have lost someone like you, there's no way they can make a dent in Red America.

I believe you know my feelings about Bill Richardson.

Sunday, October 21, 2007 7:33:00 PM

Blogger Michael Westmoreland-White said...

I also don't want Hillary. My first choice (Kucinich) has less chance than Richardson. I next put my hopes on Edwards, but unless he cleans up in Iowa, he's out. So I keep hoping Obama will come alive.

Yet, we cannot make the perfect into the enemy of the good. If Hillary is the nominee, I will vote for her to keep out whoever the GOP nominee is. I cannot vote for ANY of the GOP candidates.

As for whether she can make a dent in Red America: 1) If she wins big in the West and the north East, she won't have to win in Red America. 2) If Giuliani is nominated and the Religious Right deserts him, she'll win.

But I sure like the chances for Dems better without her--and I like the chances for progressive policies better. Have you SEEN how many of her contributors are military and Wallstreet types? We'd have Bush-lite policies!

And, YES, the dynasty issue is a huge problem.

Sunday, October 21, 2007 8:59:00 PM


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