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the only team I can still be proud of

Well, it only took three OT's for the Yale Bulldogs to take care of ... Penn. But the sons of Eli remain atop the Ivy League standings, and in a season like this, we'll take it.


Blogger Big Daddy Weave said...

No more moaning and groaning about your BCS ranking!

God knows you didn't deserve to move up three places this week.

You folks were one completed pass and a nice offensive drive away from receiving your most embarassing loss, ever? There was parity between the Longhorns and da Bears for nearly 3 1/2 quarters. Pitiful!

Any decent football program would have put a whoopin to UT this past Saturday!

After Schnupp's Sprinkle at Scruffs the Bears really need a Big 12 victory to boost team morale.

Bear vs. Cow: Three Quarters of Competitive Football

Sunday, October 21, 2007 7:58:00 PM

Blogger texasinafrica said...

Wow, it really hurts to lose to Tennessee, doesn't it?

Sunday, October 21, 2007 10:01:00 PM


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