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goma update

If you watched the Lumo documentary on PBS's POV series a couple of weeks ago, you saw Mama Muliri. Mama Muliri is one of the head counselors at Heal Africa who help to identify women who have been raped and bring them to Goma for treatment. Once the women are in Goma, the counselors oversee their psychosocial recovery.

Mama Muliri was shot and robbed (apparently by soldiers from the national army) on Saturday night on her way home from a prayer meeting. The shot was through the arm, and it did not hit the bone, but of course she is in pain and will need to have the bullet removed after she can get an X-ray.

Here is the prayer request from Heal Africa about Mama Muliri (Heal My People is the name of the project that assists rape victims and other victims of violence):

"We ask your prayer for her as she waits for treatment Monday, for the surgeon, for complete healing. This is the first such occurrence in the 4 years that she’s traveled so much for Heal My People. And it happened close to home. Please pray for peace in the hearts of all the teams, many of whom have been targeted in the past. This type of event brings it all back."

Please take time to say a prayer for Mama Muliri and all those with whom she works to bring healing in the lives of these women and girls.


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