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a useless fact

Today I learned that the most statistically normal town in America is ....

Wichita Falls, Texas

To be fair, my one and only real visit to Wichita Falls was for the Doctor's wedding, so my perception of the city might be a bit colored by that experience. But still, it's good to know that there's a reason the place seemed so...average.

You learn something new every day, right?


Blogger euphrony said...

My dad's parents lived in Wichita Falls when I was little. I remember going to visit them both in their house and in the nursing home they moved to before they died. One visit we went up just after that big tornado hit back in 1978(79?) and it was surreal for me to see the destruction that would end abruptly at the edges of the tornado's path. I haven't been back in more than 20 years.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007 9:34:00 AM


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