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don't mess with texas

We here at Texas in Africa have very little patience for two things:
  1. Bad customer service, and
  2. Companies that make it virtually impossible for customers to find a customer service phone number on their websites.

Because we feel this way, whenever we have negative customer service experiences in either respect, we choose to post the numbers we had to search for in hopes that others won't have to waste precious minutes of their lives vainly searching for what should be readily available informatoin. Companies should understand that frustrated customers don't want to wait for an email reply that will never come - they want to talk to a human being. Who can fix problems. Immediately. Posting your phone number may not be as cost-effective as routing it all through email, but it's certainly better than annoying customers so much that they become former customers.

Here are customer service phone numbers I've had to seek out for two companies this week. I recommend the first and strongly discourage you from patronizing the second:

  1. Zazzle.com - Customer Service phone number: 1-800-980-9890
  2. Symantec / Norton Internet Security - Customer Service phone number that actually works: 1-800-721-3934

Zazzle was very responsive; apparently my original email didn't get through, but they dealt with the problem immediately. And to be fair, my actual customer service experience with Symantec wasn't bad this time. The employees I talked to were responsive and helpful. I didn't have to wait on the phone for nearly 3 hours as was the case in January. I'm just furious with the company for what caused the problem in the first place.


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