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you ask me what i like about texas

Ah, the first day of school. Some things never change. This is my (gulp!) sixth year at UT, so certain aspects of the first day back have become routine. There will always be clueless freshmen clogging the buses and wandering the halls of the wrong building while searching for their classes. The Gideons will greet you at the edges of campus and hand you a little green New Testament, without fail. Quick reunions with friends and colleagues who were spread to the edges of the earth will take place in stairwells and the computer lab as you rush to print class rosters before the bell rings. Students will look confused when you tell them that if they text message during class, you'll make them leave.

I really do love it here, but as all our old friends graduated this summer, my officemate(!) A and I are definitely feeling that it's time to move on. There are children in our graduate program who were in middle school when I graduated from college. A is on the job market; I'm not as of yet. We're both ready to get on with our lives.

But neither of us are finished, and neither of us can do anything about it except keep going along and doing what we need to do. For now, it's so great to be back in Austin, another place where some things never change. I walked into my neighborhood HEB last night to get some milk and the greeter was playing "Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground" on his guitar. He was doing "House of the Rising Sun" when I left. I love this place.


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