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wiley can't catch a break

"There needs to be a distinction between one's personal enemies and the enemies of God, said Sister Thomas Bernard MacConnell, founder of the Spirituality Center on the campus of Mount St. Mary's College and a veteran teacher of spiritual direction. 'It is very possible that my enemies are not God's enemies,' she said. Referring to Drake's targets, she added, 'Who is to say that those people are God's enemies?"

"The Rev. Kurt Fredrickson, who directs doctoral programs for 700 working pastors from around the world at Fuller Theological Seminary, says imprecatory prayers are atypical.

"'They are more of a window into the sinfulness of human beings,' said Fredrickson, an assistant professor of pastoral ministry at the Pasadena school. 'Normally when we think about praying, we're thinking about prayers of adoration, prayers of confession, prayers for someone we're concerned about who is sick or going through a hard time, or those sort of prayers for ourselves -- not the sort of vindictive, revengeful statements. These prayers are contrary to the way of Jesus.'

"...This would be quite shocking to all Southern Baptists," he said.

"'In the New Testament, Jesus Christ comes and says, 'Forgive your enemies, pray for your enemies, love your enemies,' ' Yagi said. 'This idea of enemies has really changed in the New Testament. We cannot do those things, because Jesus Christ taught us to forgive our enemies, love our enemies, pray for our enemies and he died for his enemies.'"

- various scholars and pastors discussing Wiley Drake's call for imprecatory prayer against Americans United for the Separation of Church & State in the L.A. Times

At least we all know what "imprecatory" means now.


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