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on poverty

Interesting poll from the ONE Campaign out today. Here's the part I find most fascinating/compelling:

"Both Democrats (81%) and Republicans alike (70%) agree that reducing poverty, treating preventable diseases and improving education in poor countries around the world will help make the world safer and the United States more secure.

"Democrats and Republicans agree that America has a moral obligation as a compassionate nation to help the world's poorest people through foreign assistance. More than nine in ten Democrats (93%) and 84% of Republicans agree that when millions of children around the world are dying from preventable diseases and hunger, we have a moral obligation to do what we can to help. Similarly, Democrats (90%) and Republicans (85%) agree that it is in keeping with the country's values and our history of compassion to lead an effort to solve some of the most serious problems facing the world’s poorest people.

"...Additionally, eight in ten Democrats (81%) and Republicans (80%) agree that the next president should keep the commitments made by President Bush to prevent and fight the spread of AIDS in Africa."

Helping the poor is not a partisan issue. We may differ in our views of how best to help the poor, but almost no one is arguing that we shouldn't help. Agreeing on that part is the first and most important step. Let's hope we can find as much agreement on sustainable solutions to the problem of HIV/AIDS, poor water quality, lack of access to education, and extreme hunger. Soon.


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