"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)


beautiful vic falls

View of the gorge from the Zambia side.

The Eastern Cataract, on the Zambian side.
Just above the Eastern Cataract, with the bridge in the distance.
This is the bridge that Cecil Rhodes had built to carry minerals from Zambia's copper belt down to South Africa. On the left is Zambia; on the right is Zimbabwe. A lot of history has happened here since the bridge was completed in 1905, including negotiations with a South African minister that led to the eventual release of political prisoners in Southern Rhodesia (then a white-minority regime, now Zimbabwe). This is also the bridge from which you bunjee jump, right there in the middle. The put-in for rafting is just below and back from the bridge - behind the plants in the lower lefthand corner of this photo. It's the most incredible put-in I've ever seen - you jump into rafts in a huge whirlpool just down from the Falls:

These are pictures of the Saturday rafting group. Those are rocks they're climbing down to the rafts, which are inflated on-site because it's basically impossible to carry them down to the put-in.
Our (morning) rafting group. We lost the Italians (see the front of the boat) and the Brit after lunch. I think this is right after we managed to not flip on the hardest rapid on the river.Rainbow Falls, the ones closest to the center. That bunch of trees on the upper left is Livingstone Island and the rock in the foreground is Zimbabwe. This is a picture from when I was fooling around with my camera's light filters. I think this is "vivid," but it could also be "blue." The put-in for rafting is just down from between that rock in Zimbabwe and where I am standing. Unreal. Looking back at Rainbow Falls from Livingstone Island. Please note that we are standing IN THE MIDDLE of Victoria Falls.
It's like they're expecting The Attorney or something...

This is the gorge swing. Obviously I couldn't take a picture of myself, but the look of terror on young William's face should give you the idea. It's a total free-fall until the rope catches and swings you out across the gorge. It was so quiet once you were swinging - just you, the wind, and the birds. And the rushing water, which is not directly under you despite the way this picture makes it look.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!
(My apologies to those readers who are not my sister.)
Sunset on Livingstone Island.


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