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no, no, no

Yet another horribly uninformed writer tries to argue that she has found the world's worst air travel experience, or in this case, the world's worst airline. (The whole thing is tacky in that it's framed around this week's crash of a flight in Brazil.) Here's my question for her and her travel-writer boyfriend: did their flights involve any of the following:
  • live crocodiles in the cargo hold between the passengers and the pilots?
  • seats that moved (as in, they weren't bolted to the floor) and could therefore be adjusted by any passenger to suit his or her legroom requirements, regardless of the consequences for landing and takeoff?
  • aerial sightings of anti-aircraft weaponry at the airport?
  • anyone pulling out a Hibachi grill to cook rice while airborn?
  • sitting with a child squeezed in between herself and another adult, meaning there were four people sitting side-by-side in three seats?
  • drunken Russian pilots?
  • being greeted upon landing by several teenage soldiers holding RPG's?
  • any other of the real-life nightmarish flight experiences I, my friends, and others flying in Congo and elsewhere in Africa and the world have endured?

No? Then it's not the world's worst airline. For goodness sakes, they gave you a hotel voucher for your trouble. Thank your lucky stars you made it out alive and stop complaining.


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