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sit and listen to the rain

I had every intention of going to church with N this morning. Really. I woke up at 5, as happens when you're recovering from jetlag, and thought, "I have another three hours to sleep." I managed to get back to sleep, and, long story short, didn't drag myself out of bed until 12:30. Meaning I slept for approximately 14 hours. Yikes.

It must've finally all caught up with me. Two nights of getting very little sleep on planes, fast forwarding through six time zones, then another two, then back one, plus long trips across the continent for two consecutive days, and, well, truth be told, I don't feel so bad about missing church. N said that there was a marriage afterwards, meaning some people will have been at the church for 6-8 hours before it's over. I can't say I'm sorry to have missed that. Or to have missed the hot part of the day. Now it's raining again, so the rest of the afternoon and evening will be cool.

Aime is gone. This depresses me to no end. She was one of my first Goma friends, and definitely one of the people here I knew best. Her friend C greeted me yesterday and told me that she has gotten married and moved to Kigali. I hope she's okay there. Kigali is a big change from Goma. I hope she got to marry someone she loved, and not someone her family decided she must marry because she had turned 26 and it was past time. I hope she and her husband have enough money that she can come back to visit her family sometimes.

So that's about all from Goma today. I'm so happy that C & E have wireless as this will save lots of time and money (not to mention keep me from having to drag my laptop all over the bumpy roads of Goma). I'm nervous about getting started tomorrow, but will start with friends and ask them to make calls on my behalf. Here's hoping that doors will open, quickly.



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