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far, far away

So I am now officially missing the BGCT Christian Life Commission's Summer Public Policy Institute for Texas Baptist high school students.

Sigh. Knowing I would have to miss this week was one of the hardest parts about making the decision to spend the whole summer in the Congo. The SPPI is one of my favorite weeks of the year. I love getting to know students from all kinds of different backgrounds, and getting to watch as they explore the tough questions we find at the intersection of politics and faith. I wrote about how remarkable this program is last year in Ethics Daily. There's just something that happens when you gather a group of bright, talented, thoughtful students with a group of young adults who understand both youth ministry and public affairs, and introduce them to a bunch of cool speakers (and Suzii!), and, well, it's remarkable.

It never ceases to amaze me that we pulled it off. One spring day, Suzii had an idea, I wrote a proposal, and less than four months later, we found ourselves on the ranch with a bunch of kids, reflecting on applied ethics and the Christian faith and marvelling at what God can do.

I am sad about missing this year's institute for the above-named reasons, and because Favorite Kid #1 is participating, and because, darn it, I created this thing from scratch. It's my baby. And I know I have to let it go. I am certainly not indispensible, and the week will be just as good as it always is. But I'm sad to not get to watch another amazing group of kids come together for a remarkable week in Austin. Next year.

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