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beside the point

There was an excellent interview with Julie Pennington-Russell in yesterday's Waco Trib. Here's my favorite part:

"Politics for me is just always besides the point. The mission of my life is not political, its about the Gospel, which is political. The gospel is political, but it is not partisan.

"So as a pastor, I work very hard to create and embrace a big tent philosophy in the churches where I serve. And its very important for me not to be a partisan person. I am not apolitical, but the Gospel always comes first. And I don’t put my hope for the world in the political system."

Baylor Professor Dr. Doug Weaver joins the blogosphere this week with a reflection on Julie's leadership of Calvary in Waco, and on the role she will play in the celebration of a New Baptist Covenant, coming up this winter in Atlanta. More on that from me on Thursday.



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