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baptists on the riverwalk

Michael Ruffin has an insightful piece on the SBC's return to San Antonio in Ethics Daily today.

I remember the 1988 convention as well, primarily because Daddy and his pastor friend left us with our mothers in Austin to play for a few days while they went to San Antonio. We swam at Barton Springs, visited the Capitol, and went to Aquarina Springs in San Marcos. I think we probably had the better end of that deal.



Anonymous rp said...

6 major moments stand out from those years: 1-the shock of Adrian Rogers winning; 2-the Shock of Abner McCall losing in Los Angeles; 3-the "oh so close" vote in Dallas when Winfred Moore was our candidate and the crowds were bizarre; 4-The decision in Kansas City to blame everything on women; 5-the last one I attened in New Orleans, standing under the seats in the Superdome, feeling like I was at a Hiter rally; 6-Being in front of the Alamo with Randall Lolley and Bill Leonard......

It was all an unending nightmare...

The Phillipines, huh?

You are so rude!! :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007 10:25:00 AM


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