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will never be enough

Well, our illustrious Governor Goodhair Perry has declared his support for the idea that Texans with concealed weapons permits should be allowed to carry those weapons anywhere, including churches, college campuses, bars, and courthouses.

My word.

Now look, I'm not opposed to private gun ownership in general, although I do think there's little legitimate reason for anyone to own an automatic weapon for personal use. You don't need an Uzi to take out an eight-point buck. But if boys want to shoot helpless birds with their fathers, uncles, and grandfathers, I'm a-okay with that. Male bonding, whatever. I am an excellent shot, and I'm glad that I learned how to aim at my Southern Baptist summer camp. It's a useful life skill.

That said, what on earth is the governor thinking? Concealed weapons in BARS? Where there are high concentrations of DRUNK PEOPLE? That's just asking for trouble. As is the idea of students carrying weapons on campus. As one of my colleagues pointed out, how many times do we deal with students who are really, really upset about their grades? Students cry, and otherwise get really agitated, especially after failing a class. I do not want to have to fear for my life while trying to calm them down and explain the reason for a grade.

The governor wants to be the GOP's 2008 vice-presidential nominee, so I'm sure this was just an effort to appeal to the conservative base. Problem (aside from having the words "Texas governor" in front of his name, which won't be too popular this time next year) is, the soccer mommies are going to be important in the next election. And most of them don't really want the guy in the next pew over to be packing heat while singing "You are My Treasure."

I'm just sayin'.



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