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Rep. Fred Hill just quietly and calmly made a motion to vacate the chair. Craddick (read: Keel) has more or less declared that he won't let that happen. He says he has absolute discretion to rule on any matter.

I mostly consider the Texas Legislature to be a substitute for football. It's a sport, there's total chaos at times, and it's generally entertaining. I make fun of these guys all the time.

But tonight I'm sad. I can't believe that our Speaker, for all his faults, is ruling like a Third World dictator, being prompted by an unelected lackey, refusing to listen to anyone else.

Hill is building a case here. He is challenging every ruling. There will be a record of all of this. I'm so glad that Hill, a grown-up, is the one doing this. I'm also glad that it's Hill because he used to be one of Craddick's allies. And Craddick is digging his own grave. If the powers that be find a way to explain what has happened to the people of Texas, this won't fly. Even in Midland.

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