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sine die die die already

The House and Senate passed the budget, so we probably won't be having a special session (although the Observer points out that the House didn't sign the budget in the presence of the House). Then things got interesting. Krusee gave a personal privilege speech in which he quoted Reagan on authoritarianism and Republican values.

The insurgents walked out a bit later, so no more business could be conducted. Assuming the barricades are taken down and no one storms the Bastille, er, I mean, the dais, the House will reconvene at 2. If there's a quorum.

Here's a whole article on Strama's, uh, somewhat unusual speech that I posted about yesterday. It may be more difficult to remove Tom Craddick from office than it is to remove a sitting pope. Paul Burka is waxing poetic and quoting Thomas Wolfe. This whole thing is surreal, but it's going to make for a great lesson in my classes next year. The only thing we know for sure is that today is sine die, and all this will be over at midnight. Thank goodness.

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