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king craddick

I am sick to know that the Speaker of the Texas House apparently believes he is above the rules of the House. He has determined that he can only be removed from office by being impeached, which requires a 2/3 vote. This is particularly amusing given that Terry Keel is quite clearly feeding him almost all of his lines.

So you get an idea of the arrogance involved in this, here's part of tonight's exchange over electing a non-partial parliamentarian (Dunnam is a Waco rep.). The new parliamentarian (Keel) is a former House member and a lawyer who is currently representing one of the members of the House in a criminal case.

Dunnam: "I would like to suspend rules to offer such a motion."

Craddick: "You're not recognized for that."

Dunnam: "Does any voice in this chamber matter but yours? And Mr. Keel's, and Mr. Wilson's?"

Craddick: "We're going to follow the House rules."

Dunnam: "We're going to follow the House rules? When?"

Applause erupted from the gallery.

"This is my chamber, too, Mr. Speaker," Dunnam said.

I wonder if willfully choosing a bizarre interpretation of the House rules is an impeachable offense.

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