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The Texas Observer has an interesting interview with state Rep. Warren Chisum.

Brief thoughts:
  • Now I know that Chisum's concept of what government should be (and why people sometimes ignore laws) is so far off of my own.
  • It's also pretty clear that Chisum doesn't understand how many other governments of the past have worked, nor does he understand that our governmental system does compel people to submit to the authorities (rather than depending on volunteerism in following the laws). That's why we have law enforcement, a border patrol, and the IRS.
  • I wonder if only 3-4% of the population has ever gotten a parking ticket, or been stopped for speeding or running a red light.
  • It's good to know that Chisum is on the record as not favoring slavery.
  • What should the moral dress code for our state be?
  • If the Bible says that we'll always have the poor with us, and that we are to care for the poor, then does Chisum's comparison of the presence of homosexuality in our society to the presence of poverty in our society have some implications for our behavior as a society?
  • I find it incredibly entertaining that the interview (or at least the write-up) was conducted by an intern.

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