"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)


"i didn't see that one coming"

So I have gone back and forth on whether to post on the Mr. Deity series or not. Mr. Deity, for those of you who haven't seen these films yet, is a depiction of God as a sortof cosmic CEO. His business associates are Jesus (whose name he can't ever remember and from whom he asks "a really big favor") and Larry (the Holy Spirit/office manager). Mr. Deity's ex-girlfriend is Lucy. Ahem.
Given that my pastor is the one who passed on the link, and that, well, it's really funny, I'm going to go ahead and share it here. Be forewarned; if you think you might be easily offended by a questioner's humorous depiction of God, you probably shouldn't watch these. If you're interested in how someone outside of a church might think about God, or if you share my sense of humor, you should watch them all, in order. They are thought-provoking and funny.


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