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end of an era

It's official: Julie Pennington-Russell is leaving Calavary Baptist Church in Waco to serve as senior pastor of FBC Decatur, Georgia. Big Daddy Weave has all the details here.

Julie P-R was called as the first woman to serve as a senior pastor in a BGCT church the summer after my sophomore year at Baylor. The day she first preached at Calvary, protesters picketed the church. But Julie pressed on to serve as God had called her to do.

It is difficult to overstate Julie's influence as a mentor and role model for hundreds of young Baptist women whom God has called to vocational ministry. My sister is among those women. Julie's encouragement has played a huge role in her life. She will be missed.

"I am a pastor, not in spite of what the Bible says, but because of what the Bible says."
- Julie Pennington-Russell

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