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Mark Not the Methodist and I were just ahead of the curve. Seems everyone else in town is enjoying the free political theater as well:

"We were out having drinks and decided to come see them overthrow Craddick," said Austinite Kevin Taylor, 28, who sat with several admittedly intoxicated friends. "What better way to watch this? You wouldn't want to sober."

The crowds were smaller Saturday, though the House Chamber commanded more spectators than the Senate.


I miss Molly, too. She would be having a ball writing about this mess. And it is a mess. It even made the sermon this morning (Tom Craddick as powers and principalities? Ahem!).

Anyway, here are the legal arguments. Midland's KWES News West channel 9 did 1:31 minutes on what happened on Friday, but they failed to point out how many of his challengers are Republicans. The station only said that Democrats tried to storm the podium.

Strama is taking a point of personal privilege to explain why it's a problem that Craddick is ignoring the rules. It's the most forceful I've ever seen Strama be: "I hope all of you will join me in asking him to reconsider that position" or something along those lines. Ooohhhhh.

Burka has a scholarly analysis of Craddick's shaky basis for his refusal to recognize motions. Quorum Report says that Dunnam has found a legal precedent for disputing Craddick's claim that he is a constitutional officer:


"It has long been held and accepted as settled law that a legislator is not a "civil officer," the speaker of a legislative assembly is not a "state officer," the members of state Legislatures are not "officers of the state," subject to impeachment, and this will hold true even though the State Constitution may fail to expressly give the legislative body control over its own members."

Tex.Civ.App. 1932.

Diffie v. Cowan

56 S.W.2d 1097

Court of Civil Appeals of Texas, Texarkana.

I was going to go watch the House tonight, but it may be a waste of time. We're going to court, kids. On a holiday weekend. God bless America.

In other legislative news, TXU electricity users are screwed, our school districts will almost certainly end up in court over limited public forums and nondiscrimiation issues, and Governor Goodhair just vetoed a resolution designating an amphibian (that would be the Texas blind salamander) as the state amphibian because this particular amphibian is only found in one Texas county. Good land.

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